NAME: Sabina Perez

PARTY: Democrat

RACE: Senatorial


Village-Barrigada, Education: B.S. Medical Technology (University of Washington), Masters in Teaching (UOG); Work History: Senator (Chairperson of the Committee on Environment, Revenue and Taxation, Labor, Procurement, Statistics Research and Planning), SSHS Teacher, Diabetes Researcher, Medical Technologist, Community Organizer


Facebook @sabinaforguam       

Instagram @sabinaforsenator


I’m seeking reelection to build upon my work towards the sustainability of our people and island using the experience and expertise that I have gained as a Senator, Teacher, Diabetes Researcher, Medical Technologist, and Community Organizer. I’d like to continue to follow through and improve on the work we’ve accomplished so far to reach our island’s long-term goals for the stewardship of our island and the prosperity of our people by

  • Protecting our environment and health of our people
  • Diversifying and rebuilding our economy through education and promoting green and

        social entrepreneurships

  • Increasing food security and self-sufficiency
  • Promoting affordable housing
  • Increasing transparency, accountability, and functionality in government to address the

       needs of our community