More financial help is on the way for struggling households. New applications for the $500 Prugraman Salappe 3 will be accepted starting on Monday.

Under the new program, if you were eligible for Salappe2, you don't have to apply again. You'll be paid automatically. New applications will be accepted, and Department of Administration director Ed Birn says the income limits have expanded so more families may be eligible.

"The new threshold is increased for all categories because we used the 2022 federal poverty level, not the 2021 for the previous payment. In addition, we took off cap," said Birn. "There was a cap on the size of the family household. there is no longer a cap."

All other eligibility requirements remain essentially the same. Like the previous Salappe programs, its being funded by federal American Rescue Plan money. Birn says the $300 Salappe 2 cost just under $3 million, so this $500 Salappe 3 is expected to cost about $7 million.

DOA deputy director Bernie Gines says because they've processed some 15,000 previous program payments, the first checks for the new one could be out as early as next week. "Because all the clean and we worked out the kinks of any kind of returned checks or whatnot, or addresses, then certainly its ready to go. change the dollars amounts, change the date on the checks and we'll be ready to put those out," she explained.

DOA is also encouraging those who didn't qualify previously but whose circumstances may have changed such as income levels or length of residency, to apply again. "Certainly there might be information that we might be needing to update and so we don't want to make it too cumbersome for them cause they said that we already applied on Salappe 2 why do we have to supply all this other documentation but again if they fall under that category or criteria we've got some teams or staff that is going to be working with them," said Birn.

Complete information and applications are available on DOA's website, or you can visit their office on the second floor of the ITC Building in Tamuning. The deadline to apply is July 27.