by Noah Maravilla for KUAM News

The Guam Community Colleges Mascot Contest will close on Friday, June 24 at 11:59 pm. The contest is still open to the public and all entries submitted on time will be reviewed by GCC’s Mascot Contest Committee. GCC has lacked a mascot for over three decades so all members of the student, alumni, and faculty bodies are highly encouraged to enter.

The committee will decide the winner based on how well the candidates embody the GCC school spirit as the mascot should properly align with the schools brand. The mascot will help define and identify the school's energy both within the school body and to those looking at the school from an outside perspective.

The participant chosen will serve to be a public symbol of GCC’s effort to prepare students with the skills required to achieve both life and career goals.

During the first round of selections, the committee judges will choose 3 finalists who will move to the final selection round. From there, the committee will select the winning entry, which will be revealed on Friday, July 29.

A monetary prize will also be awarded to the winner and they will receive the first official print of GCC’s mascot. To submit an entry or view the contest rules, visit or email [email protected].