Junior rugby players in the U14 girl’s division made history on Guam after competing in a tackle game for the first time. 

Laila Sablan said, "I played for the flag but playing tackle is a different thing. I had fun playing this sport and it felt really good to be on the field playing with the team. Passing the ball and making tackles. It’s really good that I can have a team to play with. Thanks to all of the girls for coming out to play with us. For the first time playing tackle I think it was really good."

Mary Romo added, "It was scary because I’ve only played flag for 8th grade. I watched professional rugby players and now that I get to try it for myself, I was scared at first but it was fun. It means a lot to me because we’re making history. Even though we lost it was still really fun getting to play and making history and stuff."