Since the start of the pandemic he’s been one of the top guns in Guam’s war against COVID, but Dr. Hoa Nguyen has resigned as the chairperson of the Governor’s Physicians Advisory Group.

Nguyen tells KUAM that he thinks he can better serve the community as a private physician and will continue to provide input through the media without worrying about political interference. The former head of the PAG said that he does not agree with the segregation and division that has been created between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. He said he respects a person’s right to choose.

Dr. Nguyen said the delta variant does not care if you are vaccinated, it will attack anyone who lets their guard down. However, he does still encourage residents to get vaccinated because it will help decrease hospitalizations.

Although he has resigned from the PAG, he said he will continue to be available should he be called upon for help. The PAG is a group of physicians that have volunteered their time to assist the Governor in making decisions and strategies to combat COVID.

When asked who is the new chair of the PAG, Adelup Communications Director Krystal Paco- San Agustin responded the Governor's Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Mike Cruz convenes the PAG.