A survey that examines CHamoru identity, community concerns and thoughts about self-determination is being conducted.

According to their website, the Guahan 2021 Survey aims to conduct the largest Guahan-specific survey that focuses on those who identify as Chamorro and is interested in understanding Chamorro identity and concerns.

They aim to have a community engaged and informed survey through partnerships, community capacity and partnership for data-driven, evidence based policy making and a survey that amplifies the diverse voices of the Chamorro community.

Speaking on The Link, Kevin Lujan Lee, co-Principal Investigator of the project elaborates more on the initiative.

"I think with the survey we are really trying to start a community conversation. People have really different thoughts about how they identity, how they feel about the word identity, what they think about the word identity and what it means to be Chamorro," he explained. "We're not trying to tell anybody how to think or how to feel, we're just interested in providing a platform to begin those types of conversations because we think that everybody should be able to express their identity and say a little about their relationship to it however they phrase that."

The survey began on July 15 and is expected to wind down on August 15 with the hopes of surveying at least 325 Chamorros residing on Guahan.

Interested individuals can partake in the survey on their website at https://www.guamsurvey.org.

For more details, you can contact them via email at [email protected].