He had three warrants out on him when police pulled him over for an expired license plate.

Court documents state Jesse Junior Toves told police he also was on probation when he was pulled over in a black Nissan pickup he said belonged to his mom. He then told police he didn't have a driver's license and couldn't produce paperwork for the vehicle. And while the plates matched what he said, the vehicle identification number didn't.

Officers then searched the truck and found a pouch with a revolver, revolver frame, two magazines and about 60 bullets.

Toves is not allowed to have a firearm as part of his pretrial release with one of his cases. He also isn't allowed to have contact with any of his co-defendant. His passenger during the traffic stop was Bobby Lyn Viloria who is a co-defendant in a 2018 drug raid case.
He was charged with Possession of a Firearm without Firearms Identification Card, Violation of a Court Order and Vehicle without Identification.