He came in for fried lumpia and left with $80 in tips. 

Loren Reyes told KUAM News it was a regular night working at Soa Mai in Yigo when a man came into place an order at around 9:40 p.m. She and her coworker were getting ready to start closing the restaurant.

"Fried lumpia and then she asked him for payment and he said his friend was going to come in and pay it," she said. "So when she turned around to put the ticket up, then he just ran away with the tip jar."

And it was all caught on tape. The suspect is still at large, and while the Guam Police Department isn't releasing any information at this time, Reyes gives us a description of the perpetrator.

"He looks like he's in his 40's," she said. "I'm not too sure what's his nationality, he was kind of dark-complected, short hair, wearing a blue hat, grey shirt and like black pants."

Reyes says her coworkers were shocked when the man ran out of the restaurant.

"We didn't try to go after him because she got scared that he might attack her or anything," she said.

And after a long day of serving Yigo's hungriest, the tip jar was pretty full.

"I'd say around $80," Reyes said. "We usually split it at the end of the night, but last night we didn't get it."

But Reyes says the money doesn't matter.

"Actually we're just glad that no one got hurt," she said.

And her advice to people as Guam suffers from a crime wave: "Always be careful and it's good to have cameras, it's always good to have cameras."