The wait is over for SNAP recipients.

Public Health announced it managed to load up all the electronic benefit transfer, or EBT cards, today. That means recipients will have their full allocation on their designated dates this month. 

"So I hope that the public is very pleased with our quick response," Department of Public Health and Social Services Director Linda Denorcey said "Thanks to our good staff and her team at the Department of Public Health. OTECH, we all owe so much to OTECH and of course DMR, and Docomo and all our partners. So thank you to all of them."

Public Health had previously announced that there would be a four to five working day delay in SNAP benefits because they had to evacuate the main office in Mangilao after GFD determined the electrical wiring posed a safety hazard. But Public Welfare division Administrator Tess Arcangel says they got a waiver from federal program coordinators to bypass the regular automated process.

"We transmitted it through a secure link," she said. "FIS gave us a link to transmit it securely, so its all in their cards, EBT cards, they can use that and they can get their benefits."

"What we wanted to do is get like what she said, all the FIS to get approval to get the link," Denorcey said. "Now that route would have been the best route because that route would have allowed us to do the right benefits for December, and so that we don't have an overpayment or underpayment of what's going to be given to them." 

Public Health says they were also able to fast track the Cash Assistance Program, or CAP, so those benefits are also now available.