On Sunday afternoon at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort & Spa, the Mañenggon Memorial Foundation hosted their 75th Anniversary Commemoration of "Christmases Not Forgotten", to bring together World War II survivors to share good times and honor them.

According to foundation chairman, Willy Flores, as they sat and talked with survivors, many lamented that while the greatest tragedy was the death and suffering our people endured, other parts of life were lost. These include family gatherings, village get-togethers and other happy occasions that can never be recovered. Flores added, "And while they cannot be recovered, they are not forgotten. In their twilight years, they wanted to get together again and so the foundation agreed to put together a reunion celebration for Christmases lost in WWII." In addition to entertainment and brunch, special gifts were presented to the survivors by none other than Santa Claus and his elves.