Another shooting occurred along back road to Andersen. Although the Guam Police Department hasn't released much on the shooting, KUAM News was on the scene this morning.

According to family members the shooting victim in this case was waiting for his mother to come home before he went off to work at the Guam Power Authority - where he is a night shift worker - those family members telling us the victim had used the bathroom in the front yard of this house, heard a loud pop. Several moments later he noticed there was a lot of blood going down his upper thigh from that gunshot wound. It was at that point family members tell us the victim passed out.

Family members then say the victim came to and called the police.

Relatives identified the victim as 50-year-old Timothy Concepcion of Yigo. They said he had surgery Saturday night but is in stable condition today. They also say police officers told them the shot probably came from either a "stray bullet" or a "random shot."

Friday night's shooting happened several miles from a shooting that occurred last month that injured 27-year-old Rina Pitto. Police have not arrested any suspects in that case. Pitto - who was pregnant at the time, was shot several times as she was about to turn into her house, which is just off of back road in the 1,000 steps area.

If you have any information about these shootings you're urged to call police at 475-8615 through 7.