Public Health's main facility in Mangilao remains closed until further notice.

It was shut down Wednesday by the Fire Department as a safety precaution after smoke was seen coming from the building.

Today, employees could be seen moving out files and equipment. Main office personnel and key services are being moved to other Department of Public Health and Social Services locations. Director Linda Denorcey has an update.

"Our whole staff that had been housed in Mangilao have been moving all their computers and all the things that are very essential to them to get up and running as quickly as possible and moving into the northern, the southern and also the Castle Mall so that we can squeeze in and keep services operating," she said.

She's also been canvassing for office space to lease for other staff. The facility remains a safety hazard, and there's no timeline for when or if it will reopen. Denorcey says Public works is doing an assessment of the 46-year-old building to determine what needs to be done.

"And then from there, we'll take a look at what the bottom line is as far as the cost, and then we have to assess what we're gonna do," she said. "Is it worth it going back and doing all this repair or renovation. So that has not yet been determined."

Meanwhile, those applying for services such as 2019 birth, marriage and death certificates, burial permits, and prior authorizations for Medicaid and the Medically Indigent Program should go to the Castle Mall office on University Lane in Mangilao.

Applications for SNAP, cash assistance, Medicaid, MIP, and Child Care Development are being accepted at the Northern Health Center, and at the Castle Mall. For more information call 635-4422 or 635-7447.