The day after Thanksgiving, is the day designated for shopping deals, KUAMS Adriana Cotero checks out black Friday.

Some stores doors opened as early as midnight, while others stayed on their regular hours.

Home Depot opened at 6 a.m. and had their parking lot full all day. All cashiers were open, and the lines remained controlled.

Chaos--that's what is typically foreseen for Black Friday shopping, however, this year was unlike previous.

KUAM stopped in DNA Evolution and Stussy, both located in the plaza.
Store Manager Jaret Castro says it's been really calm.

"I feel like a lot of the customers are really focusing on online shopping and maybe elsewhere, I did a little survey throughout my other retail friends and I asked how their stores are going and they said the turnout is definitely lower than last year," he said. "So we are trying to all figure out why. But it's exciting to still see the people that really do can and want to come and have tangible experiences and it's really fun to see."

Offering that experience, these two privately owned stores, opened an entire Black Friday room of sales only steps away from their stores. DNA Evolution's sales also included a local brand, Castro said.

"We are catering on the brand we collaborated with, island day, it's something we have created on our own," he said. "We have some mixed multi brand that we've carried throughout our regular store that we brought in too, but our main focus this year is a lot of Guam product. This year we have really kind of listening from the past couple years to the customers that really wanted to send stuff off-island or kind of just give gifts that are more so catered to the island."

These clothing items started as little as $5 and are flat-rate pricing. Castro says they have had a few lines at the door, but staff members are regulating the entrances.

"We are so happy to see a lot of our returning customers came, because we didn't do so much marketing this year, but it was nice to see a really nice line," he said.

These stores are open until regular closing hours at 11 p.m., with deals going all day long.