The Department of Administration released information from Aetna, in response to a story KUAM aired.

Dr. Vince Akimoto and Dr. Tom Shieh said doctors are concerned about Aetna paying clinics and patient coverage by the off-island company that won the $108 million sole-source health insurance contract for GovGuam.

In a release, DOA said Aetna has paid 89% of claims, totaling nearly $2 million. Aetna also said, according to DOA, that all 508 applications for off-island care were approved. The release said Aetna started processing claims on Nov. 4, following the completion of open enrollment on Oct. 12.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shieh said he hasn't been paid by Aetna. Shieh said he spoke with several local doctors, who also haven't been paid by Aetna. One doctor says she has only been paid $4,000 and has had several "nonpayments" from Aetna.