Legislation has been introduced making sweeping changes to Guam's elections.
Bill 246 does several things including making the day of the general election a holiday.

Nicknames on the ballot won't be allowed it must what appears on your birth certificate, passport or any other identification meeting REAL ID ACT requirements.

The legislation also establishes a Guam Election Commission Recycling Revolving Fund. Bill 246 would also establish a Campaign Finance Report Review Division in the GEC. This new division would be responsible for reviewing and adjudicating all election campaign contribution and expenditure reports.

The legislation also bans a candidate who lost in any election in a primary to run as a write- in candidate in that same year's general election. This also precludes candidates who ran in a non partisan race who lost in a primary to run for any office in that same year's general election as well.

The measure would also shorten the distance for electioneering to be allowed on Election Day, changing it from 100 feet to 50 feet of any entrance or exit of any polling place parking lot. The legislation was introduced by Democrat Sens. Joe S. San Agustin, Pedo Terlaje and Speaker Tina Muna Barnes.