While a special ceremony was held in Tumon to recognize our veterans, some we spoke with took time to reflect on the challenges they're confronted with despite their sacrifices.

Juan Finona served in the Vietnam War with the U.S. Army, but was medically discharged because of his injuries. "So many years that we've been trying to get the Veterans Affairs to recognize veterans, but also veterans families spouses that were there when we went to war. Take for instance that mac flight only veterans that are not retired can travel there not their spouses - I think it's not fair because the spouses are the care giver of the veterans," he shared.

Raymond Baza is also a U.S. Army veteran, and he spoke with us about the importance of veterans like himself talking with the youth. He has three grand children who are currently in the U.S. military serving in different parts of the world.

"You join the service to learn to be discipline and the best way to be in the service is through education, education is very good it will lead you all the way up and satisfy you're feeling and you enjoy your retirement," he said.

Baza and Finona were among several veterans honored during a ceremony at JFK High School.