Forty-five applicants from six different countries are now United States citizens. A special Veterans Day naturalization ceremony was held and commander of Joint Region Marianas, Rear Admiral John Menoni gave the keynote speech.

He began with congratulating the individuals, and then asked them to remember a number that is near and dear to his heart, then explained why at the end of his speech.

"I would like you guys to remember a number," he said, specifying 1014611189.

"So I'll tell you why that number is important to me: See, that number is my mom's naturalization number. My mom sat in an audience like this, and I was sitting over in the back over there probably not paying attention because I was about 9 years old, about 40 years ago in a ceremony very similar to this but in Chicago Illinois she spoke the same words you just spoke," he detailed.

Throughout Rear Admiral Menoni's speech he reflected on this important time in his life and emphasized to all, to never forget that we are a nation of immigrants.