Not enough feet on the ground, an outdated facility, and now the Guam Memorial Hospital is faced with another challenge. According to administrator Lillian Posadas, their electronic health record computer system company is no longer going to support the hospital.

This is the system all employees at GMH utilize to enter the care provided for patients that then gets translated to billing.

"We are struggling with that," she said, "particularly because the company, Contata, who administers the electronic health system that we have right now, they are sunsetting the system that we have, meaning they are not going to support it anymore, even issues or problems that we encounter. They are not going to support us to fix it. We are working against time because we only have about a year, next year it will be sunsetting," she said.

Posadas said GMH has to find a vendor that will provide a system that fits GMH particular work environment as funding is an issue to purchase a compatible system.

"We had to put into our 2020 budget a request for $57 million for capital improvement and included in that is the EHR system, the water repair and the roofing repair, unfortunately we did not get funded for those, that's another challenge," she confirmed.

These are key issues that GMH faces, and working in this timeframe the hospital must procure a new computer system, install and also train employees before December 2020.