The Department of Corrections' rank-and-file officers aren't done with voicing their concerns about Director Samantha Brennan. As a matter of fact, they're outright disappointed with the minimal turnout of senators at the oversight and disappointed that those that were present "were more interested in protecting Director Brennan than hearing the concerns of the employees".

A second letter drops from Department of Corrections employees - and this time they call out the response to their first letter - even saying the Governor's Office got it twisted.

"Disappointing" that's how the letter described Adelup's response to their concerns. Adelup had said the letter writers should go public, file a complaint and that they were "resistant to change." The letter - which KUAM confirms is from DOC staff - responds "the majority of the department supported the 'I'm In' campaign because they wanted change. And this is the type of change we get - being micromanaged and not heard." The letter also calls out Vice Speaker Telena Nelson and other senators for gong easy on DOC director Samantha Brennan. "Nelson stated she cannot act on the letter because there are no signatures when the letter stated clearly we refuse to sign in fear of retaliation and repercussion from our leaders."

Nelson - in response to the first letter - called on prison workers to come to her office, but the new letter says prison staff don't trust the Vice Speaker to protect them from Brennan.

The letter also questions why senators and DOC leadership are more concerned with investigating who wrote the letter instead of addressing what is in the letter. Senator Telo taitague had questioned Brennan about the use of the prison letterhead during DOC's oversight hearing and the second letter says the letterhead was used so everyone would know the letter was authentic. "As you notice, this is not on a DOC letterhead because the director is aggressively investigating" who wrote the first letter. "A real leader would speak to the personnel and see how they can address the issues and correct them."

And a message to adelup - "How much more information does this administration need to realize she s not competent" to run the prison.

The second letter ends with another shot at the administration - which has repeatedly said they have full confidence in Brennan in light of issues at the island prison. "We still want to believe that it is 'Biba Lou and Josh' and not 'Baba si Lou and Josh'".