There's more info now known on the FBI raids in Saipan. After executing a search warrant on the CNMI governor in the morning, the feds also raided Imperial Pacific International's main offices in the late afternoon and are still there today.

At 5pm yesterday the federal bureau of investigation agents executed one of their multiple search warrants and opened the doors of Imperial Pacific International CNMI's main office of the CEO Mark Brown, general counsels Viola Alepuyo and Phil Tydingco, in addition finance and accounting personnel, that is located in the Marina Heights Building 1 first floor. Today that door remains locked. The feds are still executing a search and questioning management.

This comes after FBI agents raided CNMI Governor Ralph Torres' office, vehicle and home. As well his brothers law firm, Torres Brothers, LLC.

CNMI administration held a press conference, that Governor Torres was not present for. "Now, governor this morning his, at the hospital...his mom was having a procedure and then he had to come back immediately after he found out the FBI was doing some investigation," he said.

KUAM News has learned that Governor Torres has been absent from all events today, with Lt. Governor Arnold Palacios and Chief of Staff Angel Demapan representing.

During yesterday press conference Lt. Governor Palacios told the media he did not have any information on the other locations being raided and was unaware if IPI was also under investigation.

"Personally, this is something very surprising to me and to everyone and so I'm not looking outside my concern is for this office right now. Folks are still upstairs and I want to make sure the operations out of the governor's office continue run normally. I'm not sure where else the FBI is investigating maybe you have a better idea of that than I do," he said.

This is not the first time a connection between the CNMI Governor, his brother's law firm and the Chinese Casino has been linked.

In February 2018 an article published in Bloomberg Businessweek titled "A Chinese Company Has Conquered a Piece of America". The article states "When laws have become inconvenient to the company, they've been flouted; when the requirements of its contract with the government have become onerous, they've been removed; when legislators have tried to interfere, they've been ignored. Imperial Pacific has made millions of dollars in payments to family members of the territory's governor, Ralph Deleon Guerrero Torres."

The story alleged illegal acts of money laundering, human labor trafficking... quote "To understand Torres's willingness to accommodate Imperial Pacific, it helps to consider his family. Torres, 38, has three brothers, all lawyers at a family firm called Torres Brothers LLC. The governor worked there himself until 2008. In the first eight months of 2017, according to regulators' records, Imperial Pacific paid Torres Brothers $126,000."

FBI Honolulu Media Coordinator Jason White told KUAM they could not disclose any further information due to ongoing investigation.