A construction worker on a project site in Yigo was unresponsive when medics arrived at the scene this morning. "Our workers were here, pulled him out, laid him on a board, started CPR on him right off and then I don't think he is going to make it," said Safety Officer Dan Wright.

This morning a male in his late 40s went to work on a construction project site in Yigo with Wa


ndam Corporation. According to Wright, the worker was down in a 4 feet deep and 10 feet wide open footing. He was operating a small tamping machine to snap a line and fell over.

"4 foot deep and about 10 foot wide, there's no danger of falling in or anything like that or cave in anything like that. It was just an unfortunate incident," he said.

Immediately, the construction personnel called 911. Guam Fire Department Spokesperson Kevin Reilly tells KUAM that when they arrived the man was uninjured, without a pulse and breathless. CPR was conducted at the scene and en route to Guam Regional Medical City.

The construction company did not know the name of the man, as they have new workers coming in everyday. Wright said they believe he may have had a heart attack while in the open footing.

"As far as you knew, when he came into work today everything seemed fine? Yeah I think he took off work yesterday because he was sick," he said. "Safety-oriented here, we are a very safe site and we are just sad that something like this had to happen. We are just glad it wasn't a fall or something like that."

Wandman Corporation is building the church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints temple and meeting house. Construction began in June and is expected to be completed in a year.

The condition of the man is unknown.