Guam powerlifter Vinnie Taitingfong bagged 4 medals at the North Dakota Open. Vinnie took Gold in the Junior Division for 165-pound lifters, Gold for the Deadlift for Junior and Open and a bronze for his 3rd place finish overall.

Taitingfong said, "It was pretty fun. It's my first meet in about a year and a half. I was by myself this time but I met some pretty cool people and it made things a lot easier and really enjoyable. They were pretty surprised, I told them that I was a one lift wonder. So I say my best lift is my deadlift and I showed out and they were pretty impressed and they loved it. Even the judges had fun watching me lift so it was cool."

His total weight of 1126-pounds consisted of a 232-pound bench, 364-pound squat and a very impressive 530-pound Deadlift. The 2016 FD Graduate is from Piti and is the son of Vince and Lina Taitingfong and husband to Brittney Taitingfong. Vinnie says his son Xzavier was his inspiration at the USPA event where he represented for 671 Barbell.

Taitingfong said, "It felt good man, I just actually have a new born son and that was like my biggest motivation for this meet to show that as long as he put his mind to it he can do it. And I hope that shows to also for people back home. Just put your work into it and you will reap the benefits."