Rejected by the United States Supreme Court. That's the word from Adelup on Guam's request for an extension to file an appeal in the Dave Davis case. In a release, Adelup states lawyer Mike Phillips informed them of the rejection this morning. "While this decision was a disappointment, it was not unexpected," the statement reads.

Phillips had to convince Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan that Guam missed the deadline to file an extension because of "most extraordinary circumstances." Phillips had agreed to take the case after the Attorney General and Attorney Julian Aguon advised the Governor of risks associated with pursuing an appeal.

However, Phillips and the Governor said they were both unaware a crucial deadline to file for a 60-day extension had passed days before Phillips took the case.

According to Adelup, draft legislation "which will attempt to meet the narrow holding of the 9th circuit court" decision that found a native inhabitant plebiscite violated Davis' constitutional voting rights.