The Commission on Decolonization has written a letter to the Mayors Council of Guam requesting that Yona Mayor Jesse Blas be replaced as serving as member.

"Guam law states pretty clearly if any member of any board member misses three consecutive meetings they're now disqualified and it is the responsibility of the appointing party to replace that member," Commission Executive Director Melvin Won Pat-Borja said. 

The mayor has been behind parts on pre-trial detention since September 24th, but prior to that he'd already failed to attend several commission meetings. Out of the nine meetings held this year, Blas has missed six.

"We're aware that the mayor has a personal legal situation that he's dealing with and as much as we don't, it's not our place to weigh in on that, obviously his presence or lack thereof affects the work that we're able to do or not do on the board," he said. "So it's a critical time for the commission right now we really have to be united and we have to be aggressive and deliberate about the things we're doing in our community to educate our community."

During today's Mayor's Council of Guam it was announced that Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman expressed an interest to replace Blas on the commission. Hoffman is a former member.