Out of the past two weeks, residents living along Casimiru Street in Mongmong say they've had water for two days. The Guam Waterworks Authority has been working on the problem but it will take several more months before a permanent solution will be realized.

No water, but they're able to do some water blasting.

"All they need to do is fix the pipes to fix the problem," Resident Richard Artero told KUAM News.

Casimiru Street residents like him have been having it rough.

"Last week three times and this week two times,"

Artero is talking about the amount of times the Guam Waterworks Authority has had to shut off water to fix broken pipes.

"It's very difficult on us especially for our kids you now they go to school early in the morning we have to wake up early in the morning to get water and shower them and bring them to school," he said.

GWA General Manager Miguel Bordallo says residents living along Casimiru street aren't the only ones experiencing water woes.

"We've got several problem areas that were put in many, many years ago they're beyond their useful service life," he said.

Bordallo says however they're working on a permanent wholesale solution to replace the old lines.

"We just did Pale Fernandez area in Agat, Santa Rita another problematic line frequent repairs that one we have a contractor in place and they're staring the work now we're intending now to take care of Toto, Canada next, Casimuru and then Tai Road in Mangilao which we also have issues with."

According to Bordallo design proposals for those projects are forthcoming. GWA is looking at a timeline of June or July of next year to get those projects out for bid.

"We're working on that we realize that there's been a lot of stress to the community we apologize to the community but we are working our best to replace those lines," he said.

For residents like Artero, he's just hoping the job gets done because right now living without water.

"It's not good not good at all," he said.