Guam Visitors Bureau employees apparently aren't happy with bureau senior management, according to a letter sent to the GVB board.

KUAM has obtained a three-page letter allegedly sent to the Guam Visitors Bureau board by "Concerned Management and Staff" from the tourism bureau.

It outlines areas of concern including that an "overwhelming sense of micromanagement practices and growing mistrust from senior management has consumed the bureau."

The letter cites an "environment of paralysis rather than inspiration," stating delay tactics or disapprovals "with no logical reasoning or justification" when employees come up with "innovative ideas to enhance our programs and efforts."

The letter calls out "senior management" - but GVB CEO/President Pilar Laguana is the only senior manager named in the document. It further reads that employees have raised these issues with other managers, but are reluctant to push concerns "in fear of retaliation from the president." The letter ends with staff recommendations and says concerned employees would be willing to meet with the board "without senior management's knowledge or presence."

Recommendations include "restoring the abilities of classified directors to manage their departments, reevaluate personnel policies and procedures to ensure employees' rights are clearly defined and creation of a safe mechanism to report incidences for those that may fall victim to any form of retribution or bullying tactics by senior management."

GVB Board Secretary Therese Arriola confirmed the board received the letter and said it would likely be addressed at the next board meeting on Nov. 14.

GVB meanwhile released the following statement about the letter: "The Bureau is in receipt of an anonymous letter raising concerns with senior management. The Bureau takes these matters seriously and will review the claims noted in the letter with an aim towards ensuring that the business of the Bureau continues uninterrupted."

Tourism Chair Sen. Therese Terlaje issued the following statement: "I'm concerned about the allegations and tone of the letter and look forward to a quick investigation by the board. I have not heard directly from any employees as to the allegations in the letter but only received it from the media."