Some of the island's best high school football players took their talents to Guam High for the 2019 College Football Showcase & Combine. Strength and Conditioning Coach Chad Ikei, 671Recruiting, and FD Coach Bruce Meno assisted with the combine. Athletes were timed in various agility drills that were logged, filmed and will be sent off to a network of coaches.

Ikei said, "We already had a couple of kids run 4.6/4.7 which is a pretty good time right now for this level. So it's exciting to see the progress these kids have made over the years and it's just going to get better."

The first day of the combine was for underclassmen 9th and 10th grade. 8th graders were also welcomed to check out the event. Over the last 3years over 20 Guam Prep Football Seniors signed to play sports at the collegiate level.

Ikei added, "It's really more of a belief system within themselves. Because I think if they understand that they believe in themselves and they work hard and the families believe that their child can do it there is going to be a lot more football players leaving the island. You see already there is a lot of soccer kids and basketball kids, baseball. Football is a little bit different because genetically they don't have the 6'5"/6'6" guys running around everyday out here but they still have that opportunity."

Players were tested in the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, shuttle and 3-cone drills and specific position drills.

Ikei said, "Outside of their belief they also have to understand that they need to have the discipline in the classroom. That is going to be the most important aspect of them. Especially for the schools that a lot of these kids are going to be able to play at, the D2/D 3 level and then NAI level they are very high academic institutions. So they require very good GPA. So it's really starting at the Matua division you know and getting them to understand football is only a benefit if you have the good grades, if you want to play at the next level."