The Government of Guam's chief procurement officer has been assigned to the Port as part of an agreement between the Department of Administration and the Port Authority of Guam, the classified procurement chief, starts her "assignment" to the Port today.
Port GM Rory Respicio in an Oct. 23 letter to DOA head Edward Birn said Acfalle could provide "technical guidance to the staff on the preparation and issuance of procurement packages."

Birn cited a section of law that allows for "inter-branch employee transfers," when we asked what law allowed for the detail. Birn added that Acfalle was to assist the port with its "extensive modernization program."

The Port will pay Acfalle's salary for the duration of her assignment to the Port. It's not clear how long she will remain detailed to the Port. 

Adelup Chief of staff Tony Babauta said of Acfalle's assignment - "Claudia will be of great help to the Port and we believe GSA can continue to advance our procurement reforms at both an administrative and legislative level."