The two inmates who were able to walk out of the Department of Corrections Halfway House, appeared behind bars before Magistrates Judge Elyze Iriarte.

Once housed outside the DOC perimeter in the halfway house, inmates Johnnie Del Rosario and Johnny Atalig are now inside the fence, and locked in cells at prison's SHU or Special Housing Unit.

Both face a charge of felony escape. The two appeared in court today via video conference, bail was set for both at $5,000 and both will appear for a preliminary hearing before Judge Vern Perez on Oct. 21.

According to the magistrate's complaint, the two fled from DOC and got into a brown pickup truck. It was during a headcount that Del Rosario and Atalig were discovered missing from the halfway house. That was around 9:10 p.m. on Wednesday.

Court documents state the two went to Del Rosario's girlfriend's house. While there Del Rosario contacted authorities in order to self-surrender. Both were assigned to the halfway house or Community Corrections Center to prepare for their return to society, now they're preparing for trial.

At the request of DOC Director Samantha Brennan, the Guam Police Department has been tasked to conduct an internal affairs investigation.