Is the Yona Mayor's Office putting the "trick" in trick or treat? A solicitation letter from the office has been circulating on WhatsApp, asking for Halloween "candies and any Halloween related treats." The kicker? The letter was signed by Yona Mayor Jesse Blas - who is currently behind bars awaiting trial on drug related bribery and extortion charges.

The letter dated October 9, 2019. But if you look closely the "9" in "2019" appears to have been doctored.

Mayor's Council of Guam executive director Angel Sablan initially told KUAM News the letter was "a fake," but KUAM called the mayor's office and staffer Rose Guerrero told us the letter was a copy of a solicitation letter from 2017. Guerrero said one of the staff "doctored" the date on the letter because it "slipped their mind that Mayor is not here." Guerrero said the letter was sent out but not to "that many people."

Sablan confirmed the Yona mayor's staff changed the date on the letter.

"One of the employees did it," Sablan said. "She was asked to prepare a letter and apparently they just took one from a previous year, changed the date and sent it out. I told them to retract the letters."

Another letter will be drafted and signed by Sablan.

Guerrero, meanwhile, confirms Yona does need Halloween candy. Donations can be dropped at the Yona Mayor's Office, or call 789-1525 for more information.