Gov.r Lou leon Guerrero awarded the Guam Fire Department rescue crew that saved the life of 15-year-old Goku Weilbacher today.

On Tuesday a GFD rescue boat stationed at Hagatna responded when the boy fell off the Jonestown lookout and was stuck in huge swells.

The governor recognized Lt. Phil Ennis, Firefighter II Jason Sanchez and Firefighter I's Joey Garrido and Darren Apiag. Ennis, Sanchez and Garrido were given Lifesaving Awards and Apiag was the recipient of a Silver Star award. Apiag, a GFD rescue swimmer, jumped into the ocean, swimming to the boy and brought him back to the boat.

The four were recognized in front of GFD leadership and fire rescue units.

While Weilbacher is recovering and was not in attendance, in tears, his grandmother and guardian, Macy Helgenberger, took time to thank GFD.

"For saving my grandson, and bringing him back," she said. "I have no other words just to say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I really thank you."

The lifesaving award is given to firefighters who save a life of another through direct action and intervention in a life-threatening situation.
GFD's silver star is the second-highest award a firefighter can receive.

It is given to firefighters who display courage and bravery in the performance of an official worthwhile involving personal risk above and beyond the call of duty to save the life of another. Upon presenting the firefighter with their awards, the governor thanked them for their bravery and courage.