After 12 hours on the run, Johnny Atalig Borja and Johnnie Del Rosario are in custody after escaping from the Department of Corrections halfway house on Wednesday night.

KUAM News has learned an unnamed individual called on their behalf for someone to contact the warden because they wanted to turn themselves in. The warden met them reportedly somewhere in the Barrigada area where Borja and Del Rosario self surrendered.

Borja and Del Rosario are both 44-years-old and have an extensive criminal history.

Johnny Atalig Borja:

-He has been confined at DOC since 2014 for Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Stalking, Conspiracy to Commit Stalking, and Impersonating a Police officer.

-In 2013 he was confined for Burglary, Robbery, Conspiracy, Guilt Established by Complicity, Criminal Facilitation, and Assault.

-In 2011 he was confined for 3rd Degree Robbery, Family Violence, Assault, and Criminal Mischief

-In 2009 he was confined for Rioting and Disorderly Conduct

-In 2003 he was confined on a Warrant of Arrest

-In 2002 he was confined for Assault, Family Violence, Disorderly Conduct, and Public Intoxication

-In 2001 he was confined for Criminal Mischief, Terrorizing, and Family Violence.

Johnnie Gene Del Rosario:

-He has been confined at DOC since 2009 for Robbery, Guilt Established by Complicity, Criminal Facilitation, Possession and Use of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony, Possession of a Firearm without a Firearms ID, Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and Destruction of Evidence.

-In 2007 he was confined for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property, Theft of Property, Guilt Established by Complicity, Theft of a Motor Vehicle, and Criminal Facilitation

-In 2004 he was confined for Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Illegal Possession of Controlled Substance (ice), and Fraudulent Use of a License Plate

-In 2004 he was confined for Burglary, Aggravated Assault, and Family Violence

Their escape followed an intense oversight hearing on Wednesday night during which Department of Corrections management was grilled on the “erroneous releases” of inmates. This year there were a total of four inmates that were released erroneously.

The oversight was also held following the arraignment of Yona Mayor Jesse Mendiola Blas. He was indicted on federal charges related to accepting bribes and extortion. He allegedly provided a cluster box unit to a confidential informant who was posing as a drug trafficker.

During the arraignment hearing, it was alleged that the mayor had connections to get inmates out of DOC for $15,000. Although it was not linked to the erroneously releases, Committee Vice Chair on Public Safety Telena Nelson did express her concerns about the possible connection.

A day after the mayor’s arraignment hearing the Deputy Director of the Department of Corrections, Joey Terlaje, resigned from his position. Terlaje was the only person named during the arraignment hearings. He is also the son of Sen. Jose Pedo Terlaje, who is the Chair of the Committee on Public Safety.