Although the Guam Police Department had been tight-lipped about what exactly happened when 22 Jeromy Pangelinan fled from police in the early morning hours of Sept. 30, court documents describe Pangelinan as being high on meth.

Police first tried to pull him over at the intersection of Route 1 and 16, but instead, Pangelinan gave chase, taking police on a pursuit through Dededo.

Although he crashed his car in a ditch along the Okkodo pipeline area he managed to reverse his car. Police then instructed him to stop but instead, Pangelinan drove right toward them and that's when officers began opening fire.

When police approached the vehicle he allegedly had a knife, but police disarmed him and called for a medic because of his gunshot injuries.

He was transported to GRMC for treatment and was arrested on Monday.

During his interview he told investigators that he had used methamphetamine before his encounter with the police and was "not in the right state of mind" and that he had just wanted to go home. He told investigators he didn't remember grabbing a knife. He ended his interview with police by saying that he knows what he did was wrong and wants to fix it. He acknowledged that he does not blame the officers for doing their job and stated "they wouldn't have had to shoot if I just stopped my car." He said he wanted to apologize to them in person.

Pangelinan appeared in court this afternoon for his magistrates' hearing before Judge Jonathan Quan.

It was acknowledged in court that Pangelinan had previous cases before the court-- of which were dismissed with prejudice.

He also had another case for theft of property, which he had an active warrant for even during the time of the chase. He appeared before presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena for this case on Tuesday and was granted release.

As for this latest case.

"The court is concerned you may not comply with court orders, the court is concerned you will not show up to court given there was a warrant of arrest issued out for you the court is concerned you may be a danger to the community given the information that was provided in the declaration, which is allegations at this time therefore the court shall require $10,000 cash bail in this particular case," Pangelinan was told.

He is scheduled to appear back in court on Oct. 18 for a preliminary hearing.