The 23-year-old man who died over the weekend from a motorcycle crash has been identified as James Ray Dyer.

HIs step-father Kevin Hall from Kansas said that typically on the weekends his wife Yvonne hears from her son named after his grandfather on his mother's side and nicknamed Jamie.

However, this weekend it was a call no mother ever wants to hear.

"My wife had went to work and she always had called Jamie on the weekends and one of Jamie's friends contacted my wife while she was at work she came home woke me up our time--motorcycle wreck," Hall told KUAM News.

Jamie died early Sunday at the Guam Memorial Hospital after a motorcycle accident along Route 4 near Hagatna Mcdonald's on Saturday evening.

Hall said they were informed that Jamie's injuries were severe and he went into surgery for an operation on his spleen.

"Being a firefighter and so on, I knew whenever they told us he had his spleen injured and so forth, I had my hopes he would make it through," he said. "The first thing my wife told me was on his left side he had a broken hip, broken ribs, and then his spleen and then I think they said he had his lungs. I kind of went numb after everything was being told."

Jamie joined the Navy in 2014 after school. He spent four years in Spain, returned home and re-enlisted and then was asked to come to Guam. He lived on the island for almost two years.

"The one thing I can tell you is from watching him grow up from this point and so forth from the 10 years I was around him and so forth I seen him grown from a teenager, like my own son, that knew everything to someone who respected everyone and anyone," he said.

Hall said Jaime was a caring young man, who volunteered at the USO in Guam on the weekend.

According to preliminary investigations by the Guam Police Department, the motorcyclist, Jamie, was traveling southbound in the outer land when he ran off the road and hit a guard rail.

Responders had to enter the jungle to rescue him before he was transported to the hospital.

"We are dealing with it day by day and I just have to be the rock for my wife," Hall said. "I have my pain and so on but I don't know what it feels like as a mother to be a nurturing mother and so on how that feels."

Jamie's mother will be traveling to Guam this weekend for a memorial with the Guam military and following the service, his body will be transported to the mainland for the family's funeral.