The investigation continues into the $267,000 cyber scam that the Gua Solid Waste Authority fell victim to.

Chairman Andrew Gayle and General Manager Larry Gast explained it was a so-called "man in the middle attack," in which a third party cyber thief intercepted emails between GSWA and the Layon Landfill contractor. They were then duped into making payment to the thieves. Gast says they've taken steps to prevent a repeat including switching to a more secure GovGuam email system.

Meanwhile, they're also working with the contractor to make up for the payment.

"One thing that we may have to do when we get legal counsel is draft an agreement if funds are recovered, if we pay for their month, their payment that's missing, then any recovered funds they would not have a claim to," Gast said.

GSWA will also appear in district court Friday for a status hearing. They were just given back control of the trash system from a federal receiver after more than a decade for violating the clean water act. GSWA is expected to report on the cyber theft, and also update the court on the construction of a new cell at the Layon Landfill.

"We originally thought this was going to go into place in July, and here it is now October," Gast said. "We've gone ahead and proceeded as if we're gonna be in charge. We've actually invited green group to be part of the team because any construction for the cell could have the possibilities of interfering with their operation of the landfill."

The rush is on to expand Layon, which is expected to reach capacity in less than two years. Gast says they selected CoreTech as the contractor, and hope to sign a deal at the end of the week.