Lt Gov. Josh Tenorio and Adelup Chief of Staff Tony Babauta were in Washington, D.C. to lobby senators to pass HR 1365. The governor also said she is hoping for a November passage.

San Nicolas has not responded to requests for information on the status of 1365, but according to GovTrack - a popular congressional information site, HR 1365 has a 22% chance of being enacted. The measure was referred to the Senate's Judiciary Committee.

San Nicolas has not released any status update on the measure publicly, and there are no pictures or posts of him lobbying the senate, but in his FB post he says "we are well aware of a possible November passage of the bill, but are not making any announcements so as not to create false hopes."

San Nicolas also took issue with Adelup's lobbying efforts, posting "quit wasting taxpayer dollars to fly your staff around D.C. pretending to do the work of my office, it is not only a waste of money, it is making Guam look bad."

We asked the governor for a comment and she said "senate officials told us they were unfamiliar with the measure. We can either fix that together or argue about it on Facebook. My choice is to try and fix it."