A man and a woman are behind bars after getting busted for felony meth possession. Ramil Gonzales and Vivian Iquina were pulled over by Guam Police.

Gonzales, the driver, was sweating profusely and appeared nervous. He was asked to get out of the vehicle and when he did, officers noticed a straw inside the driver's side door handle. Inside the straw was suspected meth.

Gonzales told officers the meth was not his, because he was on probation and couldn't smoke ice, court documents state.

A bag containing a glass pipe was found next to Iquina, the passenger in the vehicle. Police found baggies with suspected meth inside of a purse Iquina had. Gonzales was charged with felony possession and a special allegation of felony committed while on felony release. Iquina was charged with meth possession as a third degree felony.