The Guam Department of Education facilitated a new project, the Teacher and Administrator's Effective program.

The project is compiled into three components, that are induction, retention and the third component, recruitment. This week at the GDOE headquarters recruitment was held with an orientation meeting.

According to program consultant Eloise Sanchez, the department has about 205 limited-term teachers that are employed within the 41 public schools and the goal is to provide them with support to become permanently certified teachers.

"Our limited-term folks have a bachelor's degree, what they need to do is be able to get a pass the PRAXIS to take the test and then to also take the education courses," Sanchez said. "So the TAE project is here to provide that support and to get them into the classroom. We do know that this school year alone we had 40 brand new teachers, if we were able to get 20 percent of these folks behind of us to be permanent teachers in the department then that would increase and address the shortage for the department."

GDOE has suffered from shortages across the board. Sanchez said they hope this project will fill the gaps of the current vacancies. If interested teachers were unable to make the orientation they can contact Eloise Sanchez at 300-1347 for the application and any questions.