While rank and file GovGuam employees spent the last fiscal year without salary increments, some senators were handing out pay adjustments in the 35th Guam legislature.

Just 20 senatorial staffers received raises so far in the 35th Guam Legislature. According to documents obtained by KUAM News, Sen. Jose Pedo Terlaje not only gave out the most raises to his staff, he gave out the biggest raises, too.

Terlaje, the legislative chair on public safety, border safety, mayors, infrastructure, military and veterans affairs and mass transit, handed out $23,000 in raises for five staffers so far in 2019.

Less than a month after taking office, his Chief of Staff Charissa Tenorio, Policy Analyst Chris Carillo and Legislative Analyst Therese Hart each received thousands of dollars in raises.

Tenorio - the sister of Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio, got a $7,280 "salary adjustment" on Feb. 4. Tenorio's pay went from $47,840 to $55,120 annually.

Carillo received a $3,006 "salary adjustment" and is now making $44,720.

Hart received a $3,120 raise. These raises had an effective date of Jan. 21, 2019. Hart received two raises this year. According to personnel docs, Hart also received a $7,280 "salary adjustment" in May. Her pay went from $34,320 a year to $41,600 annually. Hart has received $10,400 in pay raises in 2019.

Sen. Pedo Terlaje staffers Tina Maria Nangauta and Edine Torres also got $1,040 raises in May.Speaker Tina Muna Barnes' Communications Specialist Chirag Bhojwani got a $4,160 raise in April. He is now making $35,360 a year.

Minority Leader Sen. Wil Castro gave a $6,518 raise to staffer Francis Toves. The personnel docs say "salary increase 60 hours" Toves is now paid $26,071.

Central office Legislative Officer 1 Roy Quinata was on the receiving end of a $5,920 "salary adjustment" in February. Quinata's hourly pay went up $3. While his position title stayed the same, his pay went from $22,880 to $28,000 annually.

Vice Chair Sen. Telena Nelson staffer Desirae Mesa received a $5,820 "salary adjustment" bumping her pay up to $26,677 in June, but that pay increase was rescinded in the beginning of September.

Office of Finance Budget's Llewelyn Terlaje also received a raise - her pay went up nearly $5,000. She now makes $64,480 annually.