More from the audio files of Yona Mayor Jesse Blas' arraignment.

On Tuesday the mayor was arraigned in federal court and ordered to be detained.

Blas faces charges of extortion and bribery for using Yona mailboxes to import meth for a government informant posing as a drug trafficker.
In federal court, FBI Case Agent Rafael Fernandez testified on behalf of the government.

Fernandez testified the initial complainant was in a relationship with Mayor Blas. The complainant informed the feds that some packages went missing from the cluster boxes that belonged to another individual.

Fernandez: So the initial complainant said the mayor used the cluster boxes right to traffic in drugs. 

Razanno: OK, the girl that got punched? Yes, OK.
Fernandez: She told me that on one occasion another female had two packages missing.
"OK and how do you know there were drugs in those packages?

Fernandez: Because that's what she told us at the time. 
Rozanno: You don't have any personal knowledge of that?
Fernandez: No, I don't.
Rozanno: OK, did she give the name of the drug trafficker that said he was upset, he or she?
Fernandez: Yes.
Rozanno: And what was that name?
Fernandez: Lovelia Mendoza. 

According to KUAM archives, in July 2018 Lovelia Mendoza was sentenced in federal court to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of meth.

In addition to Mendoza, the only other name mentioned in court to be involved was Deputy DOC director and former Superior Court Marshal Joey Terlaje. Terlaje resigned from DOC the day after the mayor's arraignment hearing.

Blas in the meantime pleaded not guilty to the charges and is scheduled to go to trial in December.