Devin Camacho San Nicolas was already on probation and ordered to stay away from a woman when he allegedly broke parts of her vehicle and hit her.

Police responded to the incident on Sept. 18 in Barrigada for a disturbance. Earlier in the day, San Nicolas was allegedly seen in Harmon with blood on his fist.

Court documents state he was inside the vehicle arguing with the woman when he punched the radio console, damaging the dashboard and breaking the center rearview mirror. 

Court documents state the victim was going to call the police when he responded, "If you're gonna call them, I'm gonna make it worth it."

The victim also told police San Nicolas hit her cellphone out of her hand, which then hit her in the forehead. 

San Nicolas is currently on probation in for Harassment against the same victim, court documents state. In that case, he was ordered not to harass, annoy, or threaten the victim.

He was charged with Family Violence as a Misdemeanor and Criminal Mischief as a Misdemeanor.