It's the government's single largest yearly contract: health insurance. And open enrollment for the new plan offered by new carrier Aetna International starts Monday. KUAM received a copy of the rates.

For the preferred provider organization, or PPO plan the bi-weekly rates are as follows:

• Subscriber only with no dependents the government's share is $108.31, employee share is $58.65

• For Subscriber and spouse, only the government pays $196.74, employee pays $146.28

• Subscriber and children only, no spouse, the government pays $165.33, employee $118.98, and for a subscriber, with children and spouse the government pays $273.08, employee pays $194.20

And for the Health Savings Account plan or HAS 2000 the rates are:

• Single, no dependents the government pays $55.27, employee $1.35

• Subscriber and spouse the government pays 91.49, employee 26.39

• Subscriber and children only, the governments share is $76.97, employee's is $21.94

• Subscriber and family the government pays $127.45, employee $36.89.

The administration department also released the dates and venues for the open enrollment.