An online petition is drawing hundreds of supporters who are calling for a choice in GovGuam's health insurance provider.

This follows the announcement this week that the incumbent carriers have been replaced by new vendor Aetna, administered locally by Netcare.

Longtime vendor Calvo's SelectCare said earlier this week it has been flooded with concerns raised by members. The petition seeks to amend a law passed by the previous legislature that mandates the governor pick the single, lowest cost option.

SelectCare Administrator Frank Campillo said GovGuam should consider the federal government's policy, which allows employees more options, and is a lot less tedious process.

"What we suggested to the Government of Guam is look, qualify the offerors once, it won't matter if there is one or twenty," he said. "Just put a ceiling on what you're willing to pay on a single, the couple and the family on both the active and retirement employees, adjust it for inflation, and the process would be simplified rather than the process that we have today."

SelectCare has been providing its members with information about the transition, which is set for Oct. 1. The company has been GovGuam's primary health insurer for the past 18 years.