The U.S. Constitution is the guiding document of our democracy.

In a ceremony at Adelup today, September 15 was declared "Constitution Week." Presiding Superior court judge Alberto Lamorena explains its importance, while Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio points out the irony of Guam's unique situation.

"The constitution is a document in which we are governed by, reminds every one of us as citizens of this community that we are governed by the rule of law and that nobody is above the law," Lamorena said. 

"This is a very interesting day because we have a political status conference going on, and in my mind the constitution as the presiding judge said protected and afforded the citizens and residents of Guam, gave them basic human rights, basic civil rights," Tenorio said.  "However, residents of Guam there are some areas of the U.S. Constitution that are not applicable to us. And so I see the U.S. Constitution as a model and aspiration for us once we eventually get a bit more direction."

Tuesday, Sept. 17 was proclaimed Constitution Day