Those who've been waiting for their tax refunds won't have to wait much longer.
Some $70 million in Section 30 money has been deposited in GovGuam's general fund account, and Adelup says paying refunds is the top priority.

The reimbursement of taxes collected from federal employees in Guam means the government is suddenly flush with cash. Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio says checks will be in the mail.

"We have a whole bunch of things processed up to April, so I would suspect you're gonna see a big volume of returns in the mailboxes in the next week or so," he said.

In announcing the payouts, Adelup also took a swipe at a new bill by Congressman Michael San Nicolas, the Tax Refund Responsibility Act, saying it was not needed. The Bill would amend the Organic Act to require GovGuam to pay refunds within three months, but Tenorio questions why we should allow the federal government to impose on local leaders how money should be spent.

"This kind of action where you would go and amend the organic act to have a mandate on our local government without the request or decision-making by local leaders," Tenorio said. "I think is, it clearly is a little controversial, it kind of reeks of in line with the colonial status."

He said San Nicolas' efforts might be better spent getting the federal government to pay for $70 million in earned income tax credits. The amount has been growing each year and comes directly out of local coffers.

"I think that if the strategy, the outcome that we're looking for is to find very fast ways to get people their tax returns, the biggest contribution he could make is funding the EITC which is a federal mandate, a federal mandate by the US Congress which he's a part of," Tenorio said.