Congressman Michael San Nicolas announced on Facebook that he's introduced a measure that would force the local government to expedite the payment of tax refunds.

"HR 4262 specifically requires the Government of Guam, through the Organic Act of Guam, to process and pay a tax refund within 90 days of its individual filing, as opposed to the court order to pay within six months from the deadline to file," he posted.

HR 4262 would also mandate Govguam follow local law in making deposits into the Income Tax Refund Efficient Payment Trust. "It compels the Administration to follow the local law rather than be shielded by the executive authority over how they handle cash... this structure ensures that local legislators are not let off the hook but rather empowered to compel the level of tax refund funding they ultimately are responsible for," Congressman San Nicolas wrote.

 HR 4262 was referred to House Committee on Natural Resources.