Another "pay adjustment" at Adelup. As we've reported, the governor's office has handed out raises they call "pay adjustments" or even "pay corrections"

This time governor's staff assistant Evonnie Hocog on the receiving end of a $8,840 "pay adjustment" meaning her pay went from $35,430 annually to $43,910 a year.

Department of Administration docs show the raise was filed on Aug. 20 with an effective date of Aug 5.

Hocog is a federally funded employee in the Governor's Community Outreach office.
According to our files, Adelup has handed out $30,000 in pay adjustments or pay corrections. Staff Assistant Gus Aflague and Special Assistant Bob Lizama both received $10,000 raises. Adelup staffers Elaine Tajalle and Josephine Cepeda both received $5,000 raises.

Adjutant General Esther Aguigui's $41,000 pay adjustment was revoked after we reported on the raise - which was defended by Adelup spokeswoman Janela Carrera and later called a mistake. Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio eventually took credit for the raise which he signed off on while the govenor was off-island. That raise was rescinded by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero.