The feds have officially filed their motion to intervene in the GHURA whistleblower case filed by Raymond Topasna. The initial case filed by Topasna in 2015 was unsealed or made public last month.

According to the motion filed by the feds on Thursday on behalf of HUD, it names Mark Smith and Glenn Wong as defendants. Smith in March 2011 was hired as GHURA's legal counsel and was a landlord of multiple properties under the Federal Section 8 program, which is a conflict of interest and violation of law. Smith in November of 2011 allegedly transferred the properties to Glenn Wong in an attempt to conceal the fact that he was the actual owner. When the Section 8 payments were made, Wong would allegedly distribute the money in various methods to pay Smith's credit cards, loans, and other obligations.

After Topasna reported the matter to the feds and the AG's office, according to court documents, he was terminated from the agency. He's now back as executive director, after being hired by the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration.