There are new developments in the Mangilao machete attack case as defense counsels attorney Samuel Teker Jr. and Gloria Rudolph may be filing a motion for mistrial.

Although a jury found them guilty on multiple charges related to the assault, according to Attorney Teker who represents Emmanuel Reselap, the jury was hung on one charge for the defendant and could not come to a unanimous decision on the second degree aggravated assault.

Teker said he is exploring whether or not the jury followed the instructions of the judge.

"There was a hung jury on one charge, so Mr. Brown has some options of what he wants to do," he said. "Because there is a hung jury there might be a mistrial of the whole thing but I'm not too sure what we are going to do."

In addition during a second part of the trial today, Reselap waived on the felony on felony release charge.

"The court needed you back today because there may have been another portion of trial requiring your attention but that is no longer the case and I am getting ready to discharge you as jurors so you can be relieved in the sense of time spent in here in court is no longer required," Judge Vern Perez told the jury. 

Perez scheduled the sentencing date for Dec. 12.