After being arrested for allegedly busting up a Tumon night club door, Clayton Smith added another charge to his offenses when he was put behind bars. 

In the early morning hours of Sept. 10, police responded to a Tumon club where Clayton Charles Smith, 29, had allegedly punched and kicked the doors, cracking the door glass. 

Court documents state Smith had a fight with a woman earlier in the evening and was asked to leave. The club doors were then locked and Smith was observed damaging the doors. 

Smith denied the allegations and was taken into custody.

At around 6:17 later that morning, GPD officers heard yelling coming from a cell and
noted the surveillance monitor was blacked out. Officers checked the holding cell and retrieved an audio/video cable wire from the Smith. Officers noted damage to the cell drywall drop ceiling where pieces were torn and scattered around the flood. They also noted the camera was no longer operational after Smith had allegedly pulled the wire from the camera. The camera was operational when officers placed Smith in the cell earlier, court documents state.

He was charged with four counts of Criminal Mischief as a Misdemeanor and Disorderly Conduct as a Petty Misdemeanor.